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Dax matthews

DaxMathew, is no stranger to creating pure entertainment in the form of numerous domestic as well as international events.
Daxhas choreographed & performed for events such as:
Miss India Pageant , Mr. & Miss Citadel Pune, Miss Commonwealth 2016 , Diva FeminaMiss India, Senorita India Beauty Pageant
Miss Intercontinental Sri Lanka , Miss Senorita Tokyo Internationa, Miss Commonwealth Games, London, 2016 , Times PuneFresh Face
Daxhas also performed for David Guetta, John Abhraham, ,AftabShivdasani, just to name a few more.
His performances and choreography has brought him numerous accolades and earned him a name among the list of some of the most exceptional artists, Directors and Choreographers in the country as well as abroad.

Our HEROES also put their hearts into charity and humane acts including collecting and donating clothes to the needy and underprivileged,

performing and teaching dance at various orphanages, and feeding and caring for stray animals.

Our Crew

Flora Swaminathan

Productions & Instructor

Manisha Thadani


Sharon Mathew

Production Head Choreographer

Hetvi Shah

Production Manager Instructor

Ashley Bhalerao

Head of Operations Instructor

Tejashree Ingale

Choreographer Instructor

Sanjana KR


Sumedha Jadhav

Productions & Instructor

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